Education often leads to intellectual arrogance and more bias

2 thoughts on “Education often leads to intellectual arrogance and more bias”

  1. I don’t think you should care, to be honest. People are likely to be arrogant, but knowledge and the search for it is not about what other people think. It is about creating or searching out conjectures and evaluating them for their truth value. This concern that people have for other people’s prejudice and bias is unhealthy and changes the subject from knowledge itself to why people hold on to beliefs, therefore it becomes a massive ad hominem. The people that claim, or their beliefs are irrelevant; it is the content of the belief that is important.


  2. I want to also point out to you the book that refutes a lot of these studies – the studies often don’t take into account that people will change their views over time, but might not do so instantly, they might even seem unphased by such evidence and rationalise it away, but it won’t just disappear from their mind, it might trouble them for a while and they might slowly change their mind.

    The book is called The Myth of The Closed Mind, by Ray Scott Percival.


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