Compensatory, conspicuous consumption

Tragic irony [quote] WANTING TO BE SEEN In a more recent experiment, we found that powerlessness creates a preference for displaying one’s brands: A state of powerlessness led consumers to prefer clothing with extremely visible logos. In addition, recent work by economists has found differences in visible consumption of items such as clothing, jewelry and … Continue reading Compensatory, conspicuous consumption

Worthy / deserving

Many Christians have a tendency to make statements like “I am a sinner undeserving of forgiveness”, or “I am not worthy to serve God”. Such practices likely stem from a misconception that revering God entails debasing oneself. While overvaluing oneself (hubris / arrogance) is problematic, it is also wrong to undervalue oneself. Matthew 6:26 New … Continue reading Worthy / deserving

Christian worth

This is the relevant Greek word commonly translated as “worthy”: ἄξιος axios Thayer Definition: 1) weighing, having weight, having the weight of another thing of like value, worth as much 2) befitting, congruous, corresponding to a thing 3) of one who has merited anything worthy 3a) both in a good and a bad sense Part … Continue reading Christian worth