Compensatory, conspicuous consumption

Tragic irony [quote] WANTING TO BE SEEN In a more recent experiment, we found that powerlessness creates a preference for displaying one’s brands: A state of powerlessness led consumers to prefer clothing with extremely visible logos. In addition, recent work by economists has found differences in visible consumption of items such as clothing, jewelry and … Continue reading Compensatory, conspicuous consumption

Doctors and Clergy

[quote]Most doctors are nothing but indoctrinated clergy serving a church. They also often push products and preach bullshit. Dentists are the same. These are the people that pushed regular circumcision for “hygiene”, ingesting fluoride tablets for teeth health (I can attest to this personally), restricting fat from our diet, etc. They don’t look at facts … Continue reading Doctors and Clergy

Pride, Meritocracy, Hierarchy, Class, Religion

Context: Some thoughts I’ve had regarding “meritocracy”: <Section 1: “pride”> Good part: (1) Due to transparency and low corruption, higher-skilled jobs do tend to be matched with higher-skilled people. (I think this is the part of “meritocracy” we want to uphold.) Bad part: (2; also expressed by the post you shared) People neglect that our … Continue reading Pride, Meritocracy, Hierarchy, Class, Religion