Religious fanaticism

You won’t find churches teaching proper discernment, because if they did, they’d have to throw out half their doctrines that were derived through unreliable methods, and that no leader in church understands how such doctrines were (reliably) derived. How can they know if their model answers are correct, if they cannot check the working of … Continue reading Religious fanaticism

Religious piety / overzealousness

piety NOUN mass noun 1The quality of being religious or reverent. ‘acts of piety and charity’More example sentencesSynonyms 1.1count noun A belief which is accepted with unthinking conventional reverence.‘the accepted pieties of our time’ Standard template to express my frustration with Christians in general: Different theological traditions interpret [insert bible passage here] differently. We are … Continue reading Religious piety / overzealousness

“Forget facts and logic” <quote> Together, these findings suggest that organizations where CEOs deny negative facts will have a culture of denying reality throughout the hierarchy. Of course, even when the boss lives in the real world, others in the organization may hold false beliefs. Professionals at all levels can suffer from the tendency to deny uncomfortable facts … Continue reading “Forget facts and logic”