Why religion is so full of ****

Religion is filled with all kinds of absurdities. People string a bunch of words together and pretend they actually understand what they’re saying. But because there is no objective test for whether they really understand what they’re talking about, they tend to get away with saying all kinds of things. It’s because religious concepts are … Continue reading Why religion is so full of ****

Christian theodicy

God has absolute power over everything, so God is ultimately the cause of everything. So even if he “allows” things to happen, those things are ultimately caused by him too. All the theories aside, the most practical question is whether God is good to those who fear and worship him. This is something each individual … Continue reading Christian theodicy

“Truth” vs “Good”

In response to this blog post: http://nicholastong.com/blog/2015/09/thoughts-on-ravi-zacharias-truth-if-you-dare-seminar/ My view of bible interpretation is virtually identical to that mentioned in the above-linked blog post, with the added consideration of “textual criticism”, because biblical manuscripts are not uniform, and the modern bible heavily relies on scholars who make use of manuscripts with textual discrepancies, in an attempt … Continue reading “Truth” vs “Good”